Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Trends 2024 and Renovation Process

March 25, 2024by admin

A contemporary bathroom isn’t just about aesthetics; it can significantly boost your property value. This comprehensive guide dives into bathroom trends 2024 and provides a detailed breakdown of the bathroom renovation process to help you create a dream bathroom that’s both stylish and functional.

Now, let’s first discuss:

Contemporary bathroom design

There are some famous contemporary bathroom designs or trends that you can apply for your bathroom renovation. The trends are related to:

Cottage core

Cottage core is a style that resembles the countryside home or cottage home. You might have seen this design as a trend on social media in 2023, especially on TikTok. This style is expected to be a popular bathroom trend for 2024 as well. Plus, cottage core is a traditional style that symbolises comfort, charm, and simple living.

Darker and richer timbers

For the last 2 decades, some darker and richer timbers have been applied for the interior design of a building, especially for the bathroom design, as people appreciate these oak-coloured timbers for their homes. Therefore, you could also see nowadays that these timbers are used to decorate the bathrooms of homes.


The curves have been employed for the interior designing of our buildings for decades but are becoming popular a lot in 2024. So, if you’re a person who likes curves should definitely try this trend for your washroom.

Earthy colours

The trend of earthy colours is returning in Australia for household bathroom designing. That’s why we feel you should definitely choose one or two relevant colours for the designing of your washroom so that it could be marked as a modern, earthy, and comfortable space for use.

Statement pieces

A statement piece is an item in your bathroom that grabs a viewer’s attention and stands out as well. Such a piece could be your bathtub, mirror, tapware, or anything else there. Therefore, if you’re unsure about how to design your washroom, you should add some statement pieces in that space and keep other items simple during your designing.


Applying a niche design for your bathroom is always a great idea to make your space look desirable. The niches are not only present to store your bathroom items but also great sources to renovate your simple washroom. You just have to pick a great niche idea from online sources and apply it within your space so that you could enjoy the sophisticated look of your bathroom.


The tapware trend can also make your bathroom appearance contemporary. You only have to select some elegant tapware design from the internet and purchase the tapware. Then, your worker would manage everything related easily, and you’ll get an awesome feel from your space that had a simpler look.

You can also consider some trending items for bathroom renovation. The items are:

Contemporary bathroom vanities

A bathroom vanity not only provides some storage space and sink for your use but also acts as a graceful piece of furniture. Choose a contemporary bathroom vanity and place it in the most appropriate site of your space. Merely setting a graceful vanity could add so much charm to your simple bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom cabinets

You can add some contemporary cabinets in your washroom during renovation, and if you already have cabinets inside the space, you should replace them with the latest or stylish ones. These are not merely present for storing soaps, shampoo bottles, towels, and other relevant objects; the cabinets also add some elegance inside your space that can impress anyone.

You might be wondering about the materials you require for bathroom remodelling. Right! Let’s talk about the commonly used materials below.

Materials for bathroom remodel

  • Flooring, grout, and caulk
  • Countertop and cabinets
  • Bathtub, toilet, sink and vanity
  • Shower wall and curtain/screen
  • Lighting fixtures, mirrors and decorative accents
  • Paint

After deciding on the trend and materials for your bathroom remodelling, you have to take:

Complete bathroom renovation steps

There are six steps that you have to take to complete the remodelling of your washroom. These steps are:

Make a plan

Think about what you like about your bathroom and what you want to renovate. Many bathrooms don’t even require a complete makeover. Yes, just changing the tiles or fixtures could provide the room with the renovation it requires. Therefore, make a plan for your bathroom renovation first.

Get the team together

You should gather all the team members for your project so that everyone could perform their duties timely. For example, you may think about the plumbers first for your bathroom renovation, but the first worker that you should hire for the remodelling is the builder who is responsible for managing the project from the demolition to completion and coordinating with other tradespersons. The tradespersons who you may require are:

  • A builder
  • A plumber
  • An electrician
  • A tiler
  • A waterproofer
  • A painter

Disconnect and demolish the bathroom

For any bathroom renovation, the first step of labour is disconnection. First of all, the plumbers remove the tapware, valve toilets and provide services where necessary, and electricians remove the power points and disconnect wires.

Once the disconnection of services is complete, it is time for demolition. Depending on how big your project is, the demolition could involve the removal of the shower screen, bathtub and/or plaster and tiles of the floor and walls.

Rough in your bathroom

To rough in means to bring in the various services to your washroom space without making the final connections. In many cases, the plumber does their rough-in first that is followed by the rough-in of the electrician. To ensure that all measurements are correct is highly important during the rough-in phase because, as an example, having your tap even a few millimetres out can mess up your tiling.

Install the wall and floor finishes

The next step for a standard bathroom renovation is to install the wall and floor finishes, and the common order of activities for this step is:

  • Install the plasterboard or cement sheet
  • Waterproofing
  • Tiling
  • Grouting
  • Painting

Fit off and clean

The final stage of the renovation process is fit-off. This is when the plumbing and electrical fixtures are connected to the services installed during the rough-in stage. So, the fit-off includes the installation of toilets, shower screen, taps & mixers, mirrors, towel rails and more.

After the fit-off, some deep cleaning is required. This removes all the dust and dirt from the rough-in, tiling, or grouting.

Plus, you acquire several benefits when you renovate or remodel your bathroom that we refer as:

Renovation benefits for property value

There are many benefits of bathroom renovation for your property. The property’s cost increases with washroom remodelling in the real estate market, so you could acquire tenants who are willing to pay you higher rents because of a sophisticated washroom space. Your washroom’s modern appearance might impress your guests too. And most importantly, you’d feel pleasure with the new and desirable changes within your space.

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Well, we shared with you everything that is required for you to know about the latest bathroom trends 2024 and bathroom renovation process. Feel free to apply all the tips mentioned in this blog piece if you want to manage your bathroom renovation on your own. But if you want our help with this project, you may call us at 0428 117 075 or send an email at tom@gtgconstructions.com for your query.


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