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Welcome to GTG Construction's Office Furniture Central Coast Service

Welcome to our Office Furniture Central Coast service, where we go beyond supplying furniture; we deliver solutions that flow life into your workspace.

At GTG, we collaborate closely with you to bring forth unique office fit-outs tailored to both your business requirements and budget constraints. Whether you’re envisioning a comprehensive renovation or an elegant refurbishment, our in-house team has the necessary experience and expertise to successfully accomplish your project.

Quality Office Furniture with Prompt Delivery

Based on the Central Coast, our specialist team has been providing high-quality office furniture fit-outs from Sydney to Newcastle. What sets us apart is our commitment to prompt service. With our office furniture service, we offer fast delivery, ensuring that whether you need hot-desking furniture, sit stand desks, or any other seating, workstation, or storage solution, we’re the team to rely on.

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Boardroom Tables

We understand the significance of creating a professional atmosphere, especially when hosting important clients, shareholders, or team discussions. Upgrade your workspace versatility by using our boardroom tables for collaborative brainstorming sessions, strategic planning discussions, and employee training sessions. The versatile design and functionality of our tables create an adaptable environment, allowing your boardroom to serve as a dynamic space for various business activities. Whether it’s hosting workshops, team-building exercises, or presentations, our office furniture ensures that your boardroom remains a flexible and beneficial asset for diverse professional engagements.


Choose from a wide range of desking systems that allow for endless options and styles. Powering these systems is a wall-mounted socket that includes data, with leads running discreetly through the beam system underneath the surface. Explore the system types and options below, and remember, we’re here to help you design your own unique style.

Meeting Room Tables

At GTG Constructions, we understand the pivotal role that a well-designed meeting space plays in fostering collaboration and innovation within your business. Our extensive range of meeting tables is meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs, combining style and functionality. From the collaborative Oval-D to the classic Rectangular, boat, Modular, space-saving square, and unique elliptical shapes, we offer a variety of office furniture to suit your aesthetic preferences. Size considerations, seating capacity, and practical planning tips are all integral parts of our service. We take pride in our expertise, ensuring that your meeting room is equipped with a table that not only fits seamlessly into your space but also improves the overall atmosphere. Choose GTG Constructions for a transformative meeting room experience with our high-quality, budget-friendly meeting tables.


Imagine an inefficient workspace – uncomfortable chairs, an unadjustable desk causing posture issues, poor lighting straining your eyes, and cable chaos creating a cluttered environment. These are the silent adversaries of productivity, lurking in poorly designed workspaces. But fear not, GTG Constructions is here to transform your office into a refuge of efficiency and comfort. 

GTG brings you to a great place where you work. Chairs that feel nice, desks that can stand or sit as you like, and everything is well-lit and tidy. That’s what we want for you at GTG Constructions. No more messy cables or uncomfortable chairs. We even have special workstations that are not just cool-looking but also super practical. They make your workspace better, so you can focus and get things done. No more problems – just a great place to work. GTG Constructions is here to make your workspace awesome!


Picking the right office seating is crucial, especially with the growing focus on staff well-being. Even with changes in how we work, your team might still be sitting for long hours each week. The right office chair can make a big difference, preventing back strain, fatigue, and discomfort that often accompany long periods of sitting. Comfortable employees are not just happier; they’re also more productive and efficient at work. At GTG Constructions, we understand the importance of good seating for your team’s well-being and productivity. Our seating solutions are designed to provide comfort and support, ensuring your staff can work comfortably and efficiently. Explore our diverse office chairs central coast, ranging from ergonomic chairs to stylish and comfortable choices.

Sit-Stand Desks

GTG offers a range of sit stand desks, recognising the importance of movement and flexibility in the workplace. Sitting for long periods can negatively impact well-being and productivity. The benefits of sit-stand desks include reduced sedentary behaviour, increased productivity, better concentration, and improved overall health. Proper placement of office furniture like sit stand desks is essential also important for fire safety. Investing in GTG’s seating and sit-stand desk solutions provides a workspace that supports your team’s health, comfort, safety and productivity while ensuring proper Office Furniture Setup.

GTG understands the significance of height-adjustable desks in promoting employee engagement and satisfaction. The desks allow workers to easily switch between sitting and standing, positively impacting their well-being. Investing in GTG’s seating and sit-stand desk solutions provides a workspace that supports your team’s health, comfort, and productivity.

Reception Desks

GTG recognises the pivotal role of reception furniture in shaping first impressions. Our reception desks prioritise aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency. Designed for lasting positive impact, they offer organised storage, comfortable waiting spaces, and a professional atmosphere. Whether it’s a compact desk for an SME or a high-traffic area for a multinational corporation, GTG connects your reception area aesthetics with your company identity.

Office Storage Cabinets (Metal)

Durable metal storage solutions provide a secure and organised space for your office essentials. Filing Cabinet systems are as broad as your imagination; there are so many options & styles. Keep in mind we can help you to design your own style.

Storage (Timber)

Add a touch of warmth to your office with timber storage solutions, blending aesthetics with functionality.

Specialist Furniture Services for a Tailored Office Space:

Boardroom Executive Furniture: Impress with our high-end and affordable boardroom furniture, including tables and executive chairs.

Meeting Room Furniture: Elevate the atmosphere of your meeting rooms with our selection of tables and chairs.

Office Furniture Fitouts: Our experienced tradesmen offer custom joinery solutions, tailoring reception counters and workstations to your specific needs.

Office Partitions: We focus on making things simple and practical. Upgrade your workspace with our office partitions, and trust use, they are easy to handle and adapt to different uses in your office. Create a space that suits you best, staying organised and efficient effortlessly. 

Workstation and Reception Counter Fitouts: Our custom installations ensure a seamless fit for your available space and align with your company’s style and tone.

Optimise Your Office Layout: Maximise your office space with our workstation layouts, offering privacy and structured working environments.

Trust GTG Construction to supply, install, and express deliver your office furniture, whether you’re looking for office chairs, desks, corner office desks, office storage cabinets, office partitions, or any other workplace essentials.

Our Office Furniture Central Coast service is fully customisable, allowing you to choose the right furniture that suits your office’s unique requirements. We offer detailed design layouts and concepts, even incorporating designer fabrics where needed.

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