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In Australia, enjoying outdoor spaces has become common, so everyone wants to spend their free time in an outdoor living space like a pergola for relaxation. A pergola which is a source of shade & relaxation is also the need of the hour for many people due to activities like personal discussions and business-related meetings. You may use this space for a variety of situations, whether formal or informal, but constructing this space isn’t as easy as it may sound. Yes, this is a difficult task because of pergola permit that you may have to attain after going through a procedure with your local council.

Well, there are some local construction regulations for buildings that are necessary to be followed by every Australian citizen, so you might require pergola permit in NSW. Therefore, before building the pergola within your property, you have to ensure that you’re in compliance with the regulations set by your local council to avoid any future consequences. 

We know you might be wondering:

“Can I Build a Pergola Without Council Approval?” 


Do You Need a Permit for a Pergola?

The answer of “Do you need council approval for pergola?” is quite simple in one way. A pergola can be built without a building permit if it is not more than 3.6 m in height and 20 m2 in floor area. Plus, if the pergola satisfies the sitting requirements that are set in the building regulations 2018, schedule 3, there is no need for a building permit while constructing your pergola. But your pergola should be located at least 5 m away from the boundary fence and up to 9 m in other areas behind the building line. Now, let’s move forward to our next essential point that is:

Do You Need Council Approval for a Pergola or Pergola Permit in Certain Situations?

Yes, you need pergola council approval in certain conditions. For instance, if you’re gonna use materials or colours for your pergola construction that are not in compliance with NSW council rules, you have to contact your local council for the building permit. Then, if you have to remove vegetation or trees for this construction, you have to contact your council for a permit. Another situation could be when you don’t have an adequate drainage system for the rainwater collected over the roof of a pergola, then you have to contact the council for their approval before starting your construction work. You might be wondering: 

What Happens if You Build a Pergola Without a Permit? 

There are some consequences that you have to face when you build a pergola without council approval NSW or a pergola that is not compliant with the building regulations of your area. The consequences are: 

Legal order for the modification or removal of the pergola: 

When you create a pergola that is not in accordance with the rules and regulations of the local authority, you may receive a legal order for the modification or removal of this outdoor structure.

Heavy fine penalty:

You may even be fined heavily for having an unauthorised pergola within your property line. Therefore, it’s better to consult with your local council to follow the proper procedure for pergola permit or pergola council approval to avoid this consequence. 

Negative impact on your property’s value:

When you don’t have such pergola that’s in accordance with the regulations of NSW, your property value is affected a lot, and you may also observe a high-level reduction in the value of your property if the pergola creates issues for your neighbours. 

We understand, for pergola construction, there are other questions too that you require answers for. For example: 

Does a Pergola Have to be Installed by a Registered Builder?

Generally, a pergola doesn’t have to be installed by a registered builder. You can even become an owner builder. For this, you have to apply for an owner builder licence if the work that you intend to do has a value of more than ten thousand dollars.

Do You Need to Hire an Electrician for Your Pergola Construction?

Yes, if you intend to construct a motorised pergola, you will have to hire an electrician for properly accomplishing the work related to electricity.

Do You Need to Hire an Engineer for Your Pergola Installation? 

You might require an engineer to certify the foundation if you are constructing your pergola to a foundation that is not concrete. So it all depends on your foundation that decides whether you require an engineer or not during your pergola construction.

Can You Install Your Pergola on a Deck?

Yes, you can install a pergola on your deck. However, you have to ensure with your engineer that the deck is so strong that a pergola could be attached with it.

How Much Time Is Required to Build a Pergola?

Normally, it takes from a few days to a few weeks to build a standard pergola. The time may vary depending on some factors like a custom design and location environment. 

Which Company Can You Contact for Your Pergola Construction Project after Acquiring Pergola Council Approval?

We at GTG Constructions have been working for customers like you and providing quality pergola construction services for many years. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we ensure you get the service that you require within the provided time limit. So if you want to contact us for your pergola construction project, fill in the form or call us right away at 0428 117 075. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your construction assignment.


We hope that you understood all the points discussed in this blog piece today. Always make sure that you comply with the local council’s rules before constructing your pergola by checking their website to avoid any consequences like heavy fines and decreased property value. You should consult with them regarding your construction work to acquire pergola permit to stay safe and avoid penalties. That’s all for today. If you like our post, please share it with your loved ones or connections so that they may also have an idea of how to get pergola permit and which company to choose for their construction project. Plus, stay connected for more useful updates.

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