The Ultimate Guide To Planning Your Laundry Renovations

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Every home or company requires ample laundry room storage and laundry room organisation so that the clothes and other washable items could be properly washed and ironed. But like any other room, a laundry room might need renovation as well. Without proper laundry renovations, homes or offices cannot have laundries that they could appropriately use for their washing and ironing requirements. In this guide, we’re gonna share with you what a well planned laundry renovation is and how this can assist you achieve multiple benefits such as sufficient laundry storage, contemporary room style, and budget-friendly work.

Let’s first discuss:

Laundry Renovation Ideas or Guidelines

The laundry renovation is of high value for both homeowners and businesses as when you renovate your laundry, you not only gain sufficient space for your washable items but also your room becomes appealing for viewers. Before initiating your renovation project, you should consider the following aspects:

  1. Do you have an ample budget to renovate your laundry room? 
  2. Does your laundry renovation project require a permit from your local council?
  3. Is your desired layout possible within the construction limits?
  4. Do you require any plumbing or electrical upgrades to support new appliances or layout changes?
  5. What are your laundry needs (e.g., laundry drying rack, additional cabinets, and extra washers)?

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Step-By-Step Guide to Plan Laundry Renovations


Assess your current laundry space. You have to analyse what works best and what needs improvement. For example, you should assess whether your washers are working well or need to be replaced/repaired.

Inspiration for laundry design

You should take the design inspiration for your laundry from various sources such as home improvement magazines, social media platforms, and relevant websites. In this way, you’ll be able to figure out what design can be applied to your space during its renovation. 

Layout planning

You should consider such layout for your laundry space that could match your needs and available space. That layout would surely work best for you.

Appliance selection

You should choose energy-efficient appliances that may fit your chosen layout and offer the features you require. 

Storage solutions

You should plan to have adequate storage to keep your laundry supplies organised and easily accessible. Therefore, some cabinets, shelves, drawers, and baskets should be added according to your storage requirements during renovation. 

Lighting and ventilation

Evaluate the lighting and ventilation in the room. You should check over which areas the lighting is required like the areas of your washer, dryer, and folding station. Then, you should also examine the system of ventilation in your laundry. If it needs to be renovated, then you should add this task in your project’s to-do list.

Materials and finishes

Choose the materials for your countertops, cabinets, walls, and flooring that are durable and easy to maintain. Then, your finishes should complement your laundry design while being resistant to stains, wear, and water.

Plumbing and electrical upgrades

Determine if any plumbing or electrical upgrades are important or not to support your new appliances or layout changes. Do consult with a professional if you’re unsure about these changes for your laundry renovation project.  

Now let’s discuss:

Essential Elements of Laundry Renovations

The essential elements of a laundry renovation are:


Choose cabinets that offer ample storage for linens, detergents, and cleaning supplies. You should pick cabinets made of durable materials such as wood or laminate whose finishes should be moisture-resistant as well. Also, select the cabinets with features like built-in laundry hamper, pull-out shelve, and hanging rod to dry washed items. 

Storage solutions

You should add storage solutions within your laundry room such as laundry shelving, baskets, and drawers to organise laundry essentials. Also, use vertical space with wall-mounted storage units or tall cabinets. You can also install a laundry sorter for the easy sorting of white-coloured items, coloured products, and delicate articles. 


Choose functional and stylish fixtures like faucets and sinks. Pick a deep laundry sink to handwash and soak clothes. Install a high-quality faucet with a pull-out sprayer to add convenience. 


Invest in energy-efficient appliances that have advanced features like steam cleaning, stain removal, and smart connectivity. Pick a washer and dryer that match your laundry volume and fabric care requirements. Plus, you should consider stackable units or compact models of machinery for small spaces.


Improve the laundry room’s decor with paint colours, wallpaper, and decorative items that show your style. And you should add plants for a touch of freshness as well. 

You might be wondering:

How to Easily Get Modern Laundry Designs?

You should visit Houzz to have ideas related to laundry design, laundry designs layouts, or modern laundry designs. The website provides adequate information about home renovation and design ideas for homeowners and home professionals. 

After the laundry design discussion, let’s move forward to our next important point.

Selecting the Right Materials and Finishes for Laundry Renovations


Pick water-resistant flooring options for your laundry such as tile, luxury vinyl, or waterproof laminate.


Select durable countertops made of quartz, granite, or solid surface materials that could withstand the frequent use, and these countertops should also withstand the exposure to water and chemicals. 


Your laundry cabinets should be made of moisture-resistant materials such as plywood or melamine-coated particle boards. Choose a colour and finish for your cabinets that complement your cabinetry and overall design scheme. To get top-notch cabinetry, you may check Kaboodle laundry cabinets


Install a waterproof backsplash (e.g., ceramic tile, glass mosaic, or stainless steel backsplashes) behind your sink or countertop to protect your walls from water damage and stains.

Wall finishes

Use washable and durable paint or wallpaper that must have a moisture-resistant property for laundry room walls. Plus, you should add beadboard or wainscoting as wall finishes to increase protection against moisture and decoration on your walls.

You might have a question in your mind:

Should You Do the Laundry Renovation Yourself or Hire a Credible Renovation Company for That?

Well, there are pros and cons of everything in this world. If you choose yourself to accomplish the project, you not only have to invest much time in completing the work but also your completed work would not be a standard one as you don’t have the professional experience to renovate a laundry room. You may save some money, but there are high chances that your laundry would not look good after renovation. One more point. Your laundry remodel plan can be improved with a professional laundry renovation company because such companies guide their clients in making a plan related to renovating a laundry.   

So Which Company Should You Contact for Laundry Renovations?

GTG Constructions is your answer. We’ve been providing inexpensive laundry renovation services to our residential and commercial clients for many years. Whether your laundry is small or big, and your renovation project is simple or complex, we’re available for your work.

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According to another client, Oliver Lucas, GTG Constructions proved to be great laundry planner. Their laundry makeover Australia completely changed the appearance of the room. The room became highly sophisticated and worthwhile. Therefore, Mr Oliver highly recommends the company to anyone who’s in search of a credible laundry renovation firm.


So that’s all what we wanted to share with you regarding the ultimate guide to planning laundry renovations. You have to keep in mind all the points required for laundry makeover and laundry designs. We hope you liked our post. If you really like our post, please share this with your connections so that they may know how to plan their laundry remodel and find a suitable company for their laundry renovation project.

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