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Many Australian homeowners at some point in their life decide to build a deck in their yard to have an outdoor living space. In Australia, it’s becoming common to have outdoor living spaces connected to homes or near their main living areas for various purposes such as family gatherings, private talks, and business meetings. In this guide, we’re gonna discuss building a deck in Australia in detail. So let’s get started. 

Planning for Deck Construction:

The first thing to decide while making a plan for deck building is which way you want your deck to face. This will help you decide whether you want to create a roof for shade or not. If you want to enjoy the sunshine, you would have to create a deck roof for that. 

Then, you have to figure out at what height you want your deck to be. Most people either choose the floor level with steps that lead towards the deck, or they construct the deck at the same level as their floor. 

Plus, don’t forget to research your local council website for the deck size requirements and other regulations for your deck construction project.

One more point. To get some ideas related to deck design Australia, you should visit Bunnings. On this website, you can acquire adequate information on how to design your deck within your property.

Another essential step in making a plan for building a deck is to find out what’s present below your yard floor. Homes have many sorts of pipes and electrical wires beneath their floors. Therefore, you have to check before the construction what exactly is present beneath your yard’s floor. Otherwise, some accidental damage might occur to these items during deck construction that could not only delay the construction but also this could be dangerous for you and your loved ones.    

Now let’s move forward to discuss everything about the deck material.

Choosing Your Material for Building a Deck:

In Australia, you have three main options for the material of your deck. These options are:

  1. Treated Pine
  2. Composite Decking
  3. Merbau Decking

Treated pine is an inexpensive material and has a classic appearance. However, this requires regular maintenance.

Composite decking needs low maintenance, and this material comes in various colours. But this is expensive as well.

Merbau decking is a premium hardwood option that is popular for its strength and elegance; however, it is very expensive.    

When you’re building a deck, you should employ the right tools and materials to ensure your safety and efficiency. During the construction, you should use gloves, safety glasses, and ear protection. The power tools like a drill, circular saw, and impact driver will assist you cut and fasten materials accurately. Plus, the measuring tools (e.g., a measuring tape) are significant to make sure the deck is correctly built.

You have to use posts, joists, and boards that are made of your selected deck material. Then, some fasteners like screws or nails are applied to add the boards to the frame. Additionally, you require a concrete mix to set posts and footings if your deck is raised.  

How to Build a Deck Australia Step-By-Step:

To build decking, there are five steps you have to apply. The steps are:

Clean the area:

You should clean the area where you intend to build your deck. Wash the floor properly and ensure proper drainage. 

Lay the footings:

Then, lay the footings for your deck. For this, you have to dig the post holes to the required depth. Afterwards, pour the concrete mix into the holes to make a solid foundation. Add the posts into the concrete mix. And allow some time for the concrete to properly harden before proceeding.

Install the deck joists: 

Once the footings are in place, you should install the deck joists. Deck joists are horizontal beams that support the deck boards. This is very important that you may properly join the joists with the posts securely. You should bear in mind to follow any building regulations or codes while joining joists with your posts.

Lay the deck boards:

Firstly, to accurately cut deck boards, you require a circular saw with a fine-toothed blade. Measure the board with a measuring tape and mark its part to be cut with a bold marker. Hold the board firmly and carefully use the saw along the marked line while wearing gloves and goggles. After cutting, sand the edges of these boards to remove any roughness for a professional look.  

Then, you have to lay the deck boards on their proper positions. Attach them properly with screws or nails and ensure the proper spaces between boards for drainage and expansion. The step of laying the deck boards is highly important in providing a professional appearance to your deck.  

Apply the finishing touches:

You have to install stairs while following the safety guidelines if your deck’s foundation is kept higher than your property’s floor. Sand any rough edges or splinters for the smooth and safe surface of your deck. You should also apply a sealant that has to be suitable for the deck’s material to protect the extension from moisture, UV rays, and wear. This sealant is used to extend the lifespan of your deck and maintain its appearance.    

That’s all about the steps. Now let’s discuss the deck building permit that you may have to acquire before starting your construction project.

Australian Deck Building Permit:

Every council in Australia has their set of rules for home extension or home construction projects. You have to ensure whether your deck construction project requires a permit or not. In many cases, if you meet a particular criteria, you won’t have to apply for a permit or won’t have to spend some money for the permit. Anyway, before you build your deck, make sure you have the permit issued by your local government for your extension project if your situation requires you to have one.

If you feel the deck building is a difficult task for you, then you should contact a credible home extension company. Now the question arises:

Which Company Can You Contact to Build a Standard Deck?

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So that’s all what we have to share with you regarding Australian standards deck building in our deck framing guide. Keep in mind all the points required for deck construction and maintain safety while building a deck. We hope you liked our post. If you really liked our content, don’t forget to share this with your connections so that they may know everything about deck construction and find a credible company to build this outdoor space.

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